The whole team works together to their best to organize this event. The team consists of university students of various departments, who share a common enthusiasm for TED’s core values. Our overall goal is to organize TEDx event for our local community, featuring innovative and exciting contents worth spreading. Below is the team structure and team members.

  • Devyani Mahadik
    Devyani Mahadik
  • Mahesh Bhapkar
    Mahesh Bhapkar
  • Namita Mugal
    Namita Mugal
  • Prajwal Langde
    Prajwal Langde
  • Prashant more
    Prashant More
  • Supriya Shamde
    Supriya Shamde
  • Vishal Baswat
    Vishal Baswat
  • Chaitanya Patil
    Chaitanya Patil
  • Devavrat mujumdar
    Devavrat mujumdar
  • Pallavi Dandamudi
    Pallavi Dandamudi
  • Aditya Chattopadhyay
    Aditya Chattopadhyay
  • Ajinkya Kaner
    Ajinkya Kaner
  • Ayushi Agarwal
    Ayushi Agarwal
  • Vedant Poharkar
    Vedant Poharkar
  • Akshata Maltare
    Akshata Maltare
  • Roshan Hazari
    Roshan Hazari
  • Supriya Dalvi
    Supriya Dalvi
  • Krishna Lahoti
    Krishna Lahoti
  • Pushkar Marathe
    Pushkar Marathe
  • Sukriti Garodia
    Sukriti Garodia
  • Yash Kale
    Yash Kale
  • Bipin Mandge
    Bipin Mandge
  • Dhruvit Shah
    Dhruvit Shah
  • Chinmay Wyawahare
    Chinmay Wyawahare
  • Nikhil Saoji
    Nikhil Saoji
  • Tejus Nagdev
    Tejus Nagdev
  • Sayali Divekar
    Sayali Divekar
  • Shaunak Edakhe
    Shaunak Edakhe
  • Vedant Gala
    Vedant Gala
  • Kaushik Mahadeokar
    Kaushik Mahadeokar
  • Shaygan Hallaj
    Shaygan Hallaj
  • Shweta Zawar
    Shweta Zawar
  • Siddarth Wekhande
    Siddarth Wekhande