Theme – Age of Amazement

Having garnered an extensive following in the past three editions, TEDxVITPune organized its first TEDxLive event, ‘TEDxVITPuneLive’ in 2018.

TEDxVITPuneLive was a webcast of the official TED conference in Vancouver, that was scheduled from April 10 to 14, 2018. Our aim was to bring the TED experience to our loyal attendees and extend the immediate impact of TED to our local community. We set an example for further live events by being the first college in Pune to organize a TEDx Live event.

We streamed handpicked sessions from the TED lineup whilst engaging with the audience through interactive sessions and discussion breaks.

Event Details

This event was held on
April 22nd, 2018.
From 5:00 pm IST


Connecting the Dots

Theme – Connecting the Dots

According to a Chinese proverb: An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. Whether we talk about the human connection or individual personalities, there are so many parts which make up a whole. Each individual has a story to tell, a story which is unique. A story which can be simple or complex, but all of us need to embrace it because, in order to be successful in your future, you need to deal with your past. While a single musical note may seem insignificant, a perfectly timed combination of musical notes can make up a melody. All living organisms are made up of cells that are why a cell is termed as the basic structural and functional unit of life.

“Connecting The Dots”: is an idea which is relevant to every aspect of our life, whether it is scientifically, literally or philosophically. Our experiences, our failures, our qualities, our shortcomings, our interactions with the people around us are equivalent to the dots which make up the complete picture: Our Personality. The individual connections and interaction of the several organisms is what ultimately makes up the world. So the idea is its true sense is the basis for existence, and this year we plan to explore the significance of the connections which design the world around us.

Event Details

This event was held on
April 15th, 2017.
From 10:00am IST

Let's Cross Over

Theme - Let's Cross Over

We are seeking answers to seemingly rhetorical questions, and challenging existing notions. We are not rash mavericks though; we are justifying our iconoclasm. We may encounter an obstacle in our journey, but we are not defeated. We may lose a battle, but our goal is to win the war – the war against ignorance, terrorism, poverty, environmental degradation, backward thought process…the list is endless. There is a fire within us that keeps us going, a courage to lose sight of the shore to swim towards new horizons, a vision to create the indiscernible and a hope to build a better tomorrow. To achieve our goals, we don’t have to move mountains – it is the practical things we do that make a difference.

Imagine a street. We don’t have to go the distance, just get to the other side. But it is difficult and it weighs us down because there are a lot of hurdles. However, the sight on the other side is just too irresistible. Deep inside, we know we have the courage to fight these barriers.

You can waste your life drawing lines.
Or you can live your life crossing over them.

Event Details

This event was held on
April 9th, 2016.
From 10:00am IST


Growth Banner

Theme - Growth

Growth is a wide concept, often subjective, and covers almost every walk of life. Moreover, growth, unlike change, represents only the positive transformations in any expanse. The beauty of ‘Growth’ is in its spirit being simplistic yet powerful, universal yet nebulous, widespread yet distinguished. This interesting play of words is what motivated us to take it up as a theme for the occasion.

Event Details

This event was held on
April 11, 2015
10:00am - 5:00pm IST