Connect The Dots


Answers are found in the moments of past,
Beauty is hidden in the memories that last,

No song would be made without notes to play,
Life wouldn’t be worth without words to say.

All your mistakes are bound to make sense,
When you look at them through a wider lens,

Pieces of a puzzle are bound to fit
Don’t give up, it’s too early to quit.

The night sky is studded with millions of stars,
Yet the moon shines the brightest despite its scars

All of us are unique and we need to embrace it,
Find your passion and work hard to chase it.

Without connections, there would be no power,
Small bricks come together to make up a tower.

Literature, Poetry, Music or Art
Connections always play an integral part

Equations, reactions or scripts of Braille
Dots always have a story to tell

Connect the dots to tell a story,
A story of heartbreak or one of glory,
Connect the dots to make up a whole
Strengthen your aim, Bolster your goals.